As far back as I can remember family vacations equated to fishing and camping. We were always walking distance to a lake or river and usually armed with mosquito repellant. Our Dad had so much patience with my siblings and I. Us kiddos managed to snag our line on almost every cast either on the brush or logs that would surround us. For Dad also had a love of leather, not only the texture and beauty of the patina  would build with wear but also the aroma. Almost every Sunday growing up he would take a good whiff of the leather bound bible he carried. Funny how things come around. 

It's only fitting that this small business which started with just Chelsea and Hannah has grown into a family business that we now call Dry Fly Leather Goods. We're based out of the Pacific Northwest and much of our product and design is rooted out of our love for the outdoors. We're so stoked you found us and figure that if you have stuck reading down this long it's time you meet the gang.

Brian aka Dad - Retired Civil Engineer who specialized in power planning and reservoir operations at Bonneville Power Administration. He is also the reason for some of our adventurous spirit and a self taught leather crafter. He enjoys motocross both actively riding on his Husqvarna FE501 and watching it (huge fan of Eli Tomac and Josh Hill) His place of calm is either on a river fly fishing or in his workshop leatherworking. He's got a great sense of humor and  while life has thrown him hard punches Dad keeps strong and is giving thanks to God for this one life we all get to live up.

Chelsea - Well, she's our superhero! First and most importantly she married our brother Hal, who was also an avid fly fisherman. She was his soulmate and the way she cared and loved for him thru his battle with cancer no words can describe. She grew up on the Mckenzie River outside of Eugene, OR so fishing also runs in her blood. During the day she is a rockstar elementary teacher, one is lucky to have their kid in her class. She's a pup mama to one cute golden retriever named Annie. We're all crossing our fingers that one year her postcard gets pulled at The Lost Kitchen in Maine so she can savor that experience. Keep in mind that if you need a recipe for chocolate cake or frosting she's your person! She's so much of the soul in this company and her tech and organization skills keep Dry Fly casting along. Haha, see what I just did there?!

Matt - He's the wild "child" of the crew, the one who has experienced the most backpacking out of our crew, shocked mom with the first tattoo in the family (which has now turned into a arm sleeve) and honestly in some ways we all want to be like him. He's laid-back, also has a great sense of humor and finds his happy place next to a outdoor firepit with a few friends. He's a pup dad to Bentley the Pomeranian. He also enjoys motocross. He'd be hitting trails way more often if it wasn't for this thing called a "day job" working as a plumbing apprentice. Every small business crew needs someone like Matt. 

Hannah - Sister to Matt. She once dreamed of opening her own floral shop with a coffee shop attached of course! Then she worked in the wholesale floral industry for a handful of years and changed her mind. Her day job is a Stay at Home Mom to Kate and Nolan Hal (named after her brother Hal, who was married to Chelsea). Her and Dad make the product and she loves the creative side of entrepreneurship and the connections you make with others thru it. She enjoys hiking, fishing, exploring new coffee shops and fun eateries wherever she moves and is always working on building her vinyl collection. Her husband is in the Air Force so she's moved around a bit. Currently adventuring it up in Alaska.

Dry Fly Leather Goods was created to bring  good beyond ourselves. That’s why for every purchase, we are committed to making a donation to the Allyson Whitney Foundation, a non-profit foundation that gives tangible support to young adults fighting cancer, through Life-Interrupted Grants. These grants help support cancer warriors during the toughest seasons of their lives, providing financial support for things such as rent, utilities, gas, or medical bills. Knowing the heartache cancer can leave, our desire is to help other young adults who have been diagnosed.

Were dedicated to the quality of our products, but more importantly, dedicated to you guys, the ones who use those products daily. We recognize that each person’s story is their own adventure, whether it is currently what you have always dreamed of or not what you ever expected. We invite you to make the most of yours - be native to your adventure – and join us in making an impact in the stories of others.

 Matt + Brian 

Brian and Matt     

Chelsea and her dad on the McKenzie River 
Chelsea and her Dad fishing the McKenzie River


Hannah's catch of the summer in Willow, Alaska