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A Note from Dad - Reborn

Author: Brian Kuepper

The Spare Room

I have a great retirement job. I can walk into my leather studio (aka, spare bedroom) at any time and breathe in that strong waft of rolled up leather that has accumulated over the years. With coffee in hand and a nice sound system turned on, I can plug in my Spotify playlists and get to work laying out patterns, cutting, gluing, punching, stitching, more cutting, riveting, burnishing and more coffee. I find that working with leather is good for my soul.


This December our Dry Fly Leather Goods (DFLG) website finally went live. Hannah and Chelsea pulled it off. After months of discussions, planning, ordering materials, and putting products together, our small family business was revealed in a fresh new rebirth. Burlap and Grace was now officially, Dry Fly Leather Goods. Good job Team!

We are fully committed to producing quality products that look great and last for many years. We hope you will find the same satisfaction in using and displaying your leather goods as we do in bringing them to you.

Brian carefully handcrafting leather goods:

closeup of hand-stitching leather over drafting table

Crafted To Last For Generations

Our DFLG Team is excited for the product lines we are rolling out. We offer a large variety in terms of types of leather used, (maybe too much), style and color. We are unique in that 100% of our products are hand stitched. The beauty and strength of hand stitching cannot be matched. This may not make sense from a business sense - why spend three days making a leather tote bag when competitors can make one in an hour or two? Simply put, we want to make products that will remain durable and beautiful for generations. It is hard to beat quality leather goods in that regard. We use only top grade full grain leather in every single product. We think three days is not too long for a product that will perform for 30 years. Or one day of work to produce a wallet that looks great and holds up for decades. It’s all about the materials used, hand craftsmanship and product designs that defy age

Brian handcrafting leather goods over his drafting table:

up close of handcrafting dry fly leather goods on drafting table

Merry Christmas

Our Family would like to send out a warm thanks to our loyal customers who have already ordered leather products since our opening over the last few weeks. Your business is a breath of life to us. We hope you will stay connected as part of our family. We welcome new customers to our leather goods as well. If you have any comments or questions, send them our way. We would love to hear from you.

For all those still trying to figure out a unique, quality Christmas gift for someone special in your life, consider one of our products. There’s still time and we will do our best to fulfill your order by Christmas. Don’t let the fact of, “he or she already has one”, keep you from replacing with a handmade quality product.

Finally, Christmas reminds us of the most sacrificial, loving gift ever offered to mankind, the gift of Jesus. The heavenly hosts saw His birth for what it truly was - peace and forgiveness proclaimed to this earth.

Merry Christmas from the DFLG Family to Yours.

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Saw you at the vintage fair this fall at the fairgrounds. Was with my friend and encouraged her to buy a wallet on a string? Would love to buy one for myself now but can’t see it on your website. Are they still available? How do I get one? Thanks 1 million! Valerie

Valerie Alexander

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